Nature___Seasons___Spring__038259_Happy Spring!

Being powerful is all about feeling powerful. It isn’t about going all ninja or yelling, bullying, forcing, pushing, resisting or ignoring.  ‘Powerful’ is compassionate forgiveness; it’s deciding to fully engage in life; it’s facing the bills and coming up with a strategy you can live with. Oddly enough, facing (hopefully with kindness) those pesky little things helps you build your sense of power on a daily basis and give you the courage to move on and pursue your dreams. Then you’re ready to channel Joan of Arc or Spiderman and go out and clear the world of evil.

So, shake off the winter doldrums and take advantage of the clearing power of spring so you can be your most kick-butt, empowered self. The world needs YOU.

Wishing you a joyful and powerful spring!